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This hair is our crown: Platinum, silver, tinsel, pearl. We wear it as queens! These shimmering strands are like lines on our resume-Clear evidence of years of experience and wisdom well-earned. This steel is our strength, the salt-and-pepper our spice!

Hi, I’m Nicole,

and YOU are my style icons.

"Crowned In Silver" is about the beauty and confidence and natural silver that all women have to look forward to! I love fashion magazines and I love following style icons and fashion influencers from diverse backgrounds and varying cultures and ethnicities-But something was missing.

Where was the publication that represented not only mature women but specifically those who were so comfortable in their own skin and so proud of their natural beauty that they were rocking their gorgeous silver hair with grace and style? 

Crowned In Silver Magazine is a quarterly publication launched in Summer 2020. The first issue is being shot in Los Angeles and continued photoshoots will be shot there as well as the San Francisco Bay Area, Atlanta and New York. Any natural silver-haired woman, at any stage of gray, even those growing hair dye out with silver roots, can and should apply to be featured! Your hair should be seen on the beauty scene and your story is important. 

The vision for the magazine is to eventually expand to include hair and fashion features, themed editions (Fashion, Grombre, and even swimsuit!) and other lifestyle and beauty content.

If you'd like to be featured, click the button below and submit your email at the bottom of the page. Emails will be sent out when the newest issue is released, as well as when applications are open to shoot for the next issue.

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